Why Tech Educators Should Know About Oracle HCM Cloud

Key takeaway:

  • Oracle Cloud solutions are being used by K-12 school systems in the U.S. to simplify business processes, maximize resources, and better manage and support students and staff, which can increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining the quality of educational offerings.
  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solutions implemented include Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse.
  • Leading higher education institutions such as Bowie State University, Butler Community College, Coppin State University, Skidmore College, and University of Pittsburgh are turning to Oracle Cloud to adapt to changes caused by remote learning and working, through the use of Oracle Cloud for Higher Education which includes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, and Oracle Student Cloud.
  • Oracle Cloud solutions can also benefit higher education institutions by providing solutions for finance, HR, and student data management. Through its workforce visibility, flexibility, and intuitive experiences, it can help institutions adapt to changes caused by remote learning and working, allowing them to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity.
  • Oracle’s aim is to help institutions build a technological strategy to empower their mission and students’ success, and Oracle Cloud HCM is a solution for HR that provides workforce visibility, flexibility, and intuitive experiences, which can help businesses quickly adapt to change.
  • Oracle’s record of hitting 98% of roadmap commitments gives customers confidence to trust Oracle and its products for their educational needs.

Introduction to Oracle HCM Cloud in education

Technology has revolutionized education and made it more accessible and effective over the years. One such innovation is Oracle HCM Cloud, which is rapidly gaining popularity in educational institutions across the globe. In this section, we will explore why it is crucial for tech educators to be aware of this powerful cloud-based tool and how it can benefit institutions and students alike. We will discuss the importance of technology in education and provide an overview of Oracle HCM Cloud.

Importance of technology in education

Technology integration in education has become very important. Oracle HCM Cloud is one such technology that can help educational institutions manage their finances, HR processes, and student data.

Oracle HCM Cloud offers cloud-based solutions. These help with real-time workforce visibility, provide flexibility with intuitive experiences, and aid in increasing productivity and efficiency. It can give insights into HR processes which can help build a strategy for students’ success.

Oracle HCM Cloud is unique due to its innovation and customer commitment. They update their solutions based on customer feedback, driving continuous improvement. Educational institutions can rely on this technology to keep their promises.

In conclusion, Oracle HCM Cloud is essential in today’s world to help educational institutions promote students’ success with innovative technologies and strategies.

Overview of Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is an HR application suite that gives organizations real-time insights into employee data. It’s a cloud-based platform for HR pros to manage and optimize their workforce, boosting decision-making and productivity.

Higher ed institutions are using Oracle Cloud for finance, HR, and student data management. It helps them become more efficient and productive. This platform gives students the tools they need to reach their educational aims. It provides a personalized, flexible experience, plus workforce visibility.

Oracle keeps innovating, listening to customers, and delivering on its promises. Tech educators must understand the importance of this integrated HCM cloud solution for K-12 and higher ed systems. K-12 schools can also benefit from adopting Oracle Cloud solutions. It’s never too early to start using tech in education!

Oracle Cloud solutions in K-12 school systems

Did you know that Oracle Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly beneficial for K-12 school systems? In this section, we will explore the benefits of integrating Oracle Cloud solutions into K-12 education and provide examples of how these solutions are currently being used in schools. With the rise of technology in education, it is important for tech educators to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest solutions available, such as Oracle Cloud for Education. Let us dive into how Oracle Cloud solutions can improve our K-12 education system.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud solutions in K-12

Oracle Cloud solutions give K-12 school systems big advantages. They let schools access data easily, like attendance, grades, lesson plans and scheduling. And they keep info secure with multiple layers of authentication. Plus, they provide automated reporting and analytics to detect early signs of student issues.

This technology can save money too. It lessens paper use for admin tasks. And it helps people like teachers, students and parents communicate better. All this makes K-12 schools more efficient.

Examples of Oracle Cloud solutions in K-12

Cloud tech adoption has been on the rise in K-12 systems. Oracle cloud solutions are some of the many examples that have brought varied advantages. These aids help in boosting productivity and efficiency while offering new insights to educational institutions.

A table can be made using <table>, <td>, <tr> tags to show Oracle cloud solutions in K-12. It will feature columns that reveal the type of solution, its merits, and particular features that assist educational institutions.

Type of SolutionMeritsFeatures
Student Information SystemsComprehensive data management for pupils, teachers, and staffCloud-based technology
Finance SystemsSimplify financial processes for schools and districtsCloud-based technology

Oracle cloud solutions for K-12 embrace cloud-based student info systems that provide comprehensive data management for pupils, teachers, and staff. Also, cloud-based finance systems are available to simplify financial processes for schools and districts.

K-12 institutions are empowered to upgrade learning experiences and streamline admin operations with Oracle cloud solutions. Additionally, utilizing Oracle cloud tech helps in hitting strategic goals, showing how these institutions can benefit from cloud solutions as they transform K-12 education.

In the end, cloud solutions are altering the K-12 education landscape, furnishing adjustable and efficient solutions for remote learning and working. Adopting Oracle cloud solutions can bring special advantages and support K-12 institutions in reaching their educational and operational aims.

Higher education institutions using Oracle Cloud

Higher education institutions have undergone significant changes due to remote learning and working. In this section, we will discuss how adapting to these changes led to the use of Oracle Cloud. We will also look at examples of higher education institutions using Oracle Cloud and the benefits they have derived.

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Adapting to changes caused by remote learning and working

The education sector has seen immense changes due to the new remote learning and working environment. To ensure operations go on, educational institutions have employed Oracle HCM Cloud technology solutions. Numerous schools and universities have taken up this cloud technology to make their operations smoother and adjust to virtual education.

Remote learning and working have posed challenges to educational institutions. Oracle HCM Cloud allows them to access info remotely, make departments more transparent, and ease communication between stakeholders, while also reducing errors due to manual processes. Moreover, it ensures the security of data stored within the system.

Oracle Cloud offers an end-to-end solution to address practical problems faced by educational institutions. From automating payrolls to generating real-time HR reports and managing student data across campuses, Oracle HCM Cloud does it all!

Thanks to its flexibility, intuitive features, and user-friendly interfaces, institutions have been able to maintain disruption levels with this cloud technology. Examples include Thompson Rivers University, Northwestern University, Stony Brook University of the State University of New York System Administration, and more.

Oracle Cloud enables higher education institutions to smoothly transition to the new remote learning and working environment, while excelling in areas like finance, HR, and student data management.

Examples of higher education institutions using Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is widely used in higher ed for many purposes, such as financial management, HR, and student data management.
Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, and Boston University are examples of institutions that have adopted Oracle Cloud.

They use cloud tech for increased productivity and to get better insights from their data. Oracle updates products with customer feedback to ensure they keep satisfying customers. Institutions that opt for Oracle Cloud can trust they will be provided with innovative tech to empower staff and students.

Soar with cloud tech in ed, and let Oracle HCM Cloud take the lead!

Cloud technology in education

Cloud technology has become an essential part of modern education, and it’s crucial for tech educators to have a thorough understanding of its benefits. In this section, we’ll explore the advantages of cloud technology in education by focusing on increasing productivity and efficiency and providing new insights through the use of cloud technology. According to research, cloud technology has significantly enhanced the education industry, making it imperative for educators to stay up to date with the latest advancements and leverage them to their full potential.

Increasing productivity and efficiency with cloud technology

Cloud tech has become an essential part of edu. It helps to boost efficiency and productivity, as well as enabling institutions to change quickly. Oracle Cloud solutions help streamline processes and optimize ops, leading to more productive staff and smoother systems.

For K-12, Oracle Cloud solutions bring many advantages for productivity. Such as, automating time-consuming HR tasks like benefits admin and employee record management. This frees up staff to focus on other duties: teacher contracts, job postings, recruitment, hiring, accounting, payroll and benefits reconciliation.

Higher edu institutions can benefit from cloud tech for student data management. Visualization of metrics shows performance across student populations or demographics. This gives useful info for course planning, exam timetabling, and project-based learning, leading to smoother academic scheduling.

Though tech-assisted teaching is more versatile than conventional classrooms, adapting to remote learning/working is not yet standard across all higher edu institutions. However, tech ecosystems like Oracle are pushing for more resilient infrastructure, enabling adaptive strategies.

Cloud tech not only increases productivity, but also offers new insights to revolutionize edu institutions. By using Oracle HCM Cloud, schools and universities can adapt to changes easily, optimize processes, and achieve better results. This is why tech educators should know about Oracle HCM Cloud.

Providing new insights with cloud technology

Cloud tech is a game-changer for educators. Oracle Cloud solutions provide advanced analytics capabilities. This gives educational institutions access to cutting-edge tech that offers real-time data analysis and actionable intelligence.

Schools can use cloud tech to make informed decisions about student learning and staff management. It allows them to optimize resources and improve organizational effectiveness. Oracle Cloud provides a platform to leverage machine learning algorithms to gain a deeper understanding of student behavior, academic performance, resource utilization, and financial trends.

Utilizing cloud tech helps schools create programs that meet student needs and improve academic performance. With real-time data analysis tools, like those offered by Oracle Cloud, educational institutions can identify key trends and take swift action before any potential problem escalates.

Pro Tip: Leveraging cloud tech for academic analytics can help teachers and administrators make better decisions regarding school systems’ performance. It also gives valuable insights into individual student achievement levels. Oracle Cloud makes it possible for higher education institutions to manage finances, HR, and student data more efficiently.

Examples of higher education institutions using Oracle Cloud for finance, HR, and student data management

Higher education institutions are quickly adopting cloud-based solutions to streamline their operations and improve collaboration between departments. In this section, we will explore how Oracle HCM Cloud is being used by numerous institutions to manage their finance and HR data. We’ll take a closer look at the specific Oracle Cloud solutions for finance and HR data management and analyze their impact on the education sector.

Oracle Cloud solutions for finance

Oracle Cloud solutions for finance are awesome for institutions searching for effective and far-reaching tools. To improve decision-making and simplify financial management, Oracle Cloud technology can be used. It can automate tasks like budgeting, accounts payable/receivable, forecasting, and reporting. This reduces costs linked to manual data entry, paper-based workflows, and other laborious activities. Plus, with timely and accurate data, Oracle Cloud solutions for finance help institutions make wise decisions.

A big benefit of Oracle Cloud solutions for finance is that it easily integrates with existing systems. For instance, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud streamlines finance operations. This allows finance staff to manage everyday tasks efficiently and gives the institution’s administration the freedom to focus on long-term planning.

Oracle Cloud solutions for finance are also extremely flexible and expandable, so institutions can increase their capabilities as they grow. Whether it’s adding more modules or upgrading existing ones, Oracle Cloud solutions offer flexibility and ease of use. This makes them ideal for educational institutions that want to stay ahead of changing student needs while still attending to current ones.

In summary, Oracle Cloud solutions for finance are a secure and effective way for schools to manage finances. By relying on an industry leader like Oracle, institutions can focus on their core missions while being dependably supported. On top of that, Oracle also provides cloud solutions for HR, making HR processes easier.

Oracle Cloud solutions for HR

Organizations in the education sector are realising the perks of using cloud tech for HR. Oracle offers Cloud solutions with bonuses like boosted productivity, streamlined processes and valuable insights.

Oracle Cloud solutions for HR gives educational institutions workforce visibility and flexibility while providing a user-friendly experience. These solutions help organizations adjust to disruptions like remote working.

K-12 schools and higher education institutions use Oracle Cloud solutions for finance, HR and student data management. The cloud tech increases efficiency and productivity, plus provides insights into operational activities.

For the best benefits, organizations need a tech strategy with excellent customer support and innovative updates. Oracle is dedicated to meeting its promises, helping customers meet theirs. With Oracle Cloud solutions for HR, educational institutions can develop operations and promote success.

Oracle Cloud solutions for student data management

Oracle’s cloud solutions can help educational institutions manage student data efficiently. Schools and universities can access real-time info about their students, such as attendance and grades. This cloud-based system provides lots of benefits, like security, reliability, scalability, and flexibility.

It also streamlines data processes by creating customized reports. Plus, parents can get info fast, and staff can handle admin tasks accurately. Moving from traditional data management to Oracle Cloud lets different departments work together easily.

Oracle Cloud for higher education offers unique features like Analytics that help forecast enrollment numbers and budget accurately. It also uses refined tech from Oracle to help learn about students’ engagement levels and academic performance.

In summary, Oracle’s cloud solutions are great for student data management in higher learning.

Oracle’s aim to empower institutions and students’ success

Oracle’s mission is to empower institutions and students for success. In this segment, we will explore how Oracle Student Cloud can help educational institutions build a technological strategy to empower their students. We will also look at how Oracle is facilitating student success with its cloud-based approach. Get ready to learn about the tools that can help empower students and institutions alike with Oracle Student Cloud.

Building a technological strategy to empower institutions

For educational institutions to reach their goals, a technological strategy is essential. This means using tech to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and make operations smoother. Why Tech Educators Should Know About Oracle HCM Cloud solutions are one way to do this.

These cloud solutions offer HR management, finance management, student data management, and more. To get the best solution for the school or university, Oracle provides expert consultants to identify unique needs.

Oracle also offers toolkits to monitor learning activities remotely. This helps educators adjust their strategies and students have enhanced user interfaces for improved outcomes.

In this way, institutions can manage their infrastructure and identify new opportunities through optimization and technology. Oracle HCM Cloud solutions can help schools reach success.

Empowering students’ success with Oracle

Oracle is passionate about helping students succeed with its cutting-edge cloud solutions for educational institutions. It fully understands the critical role of tech in education. So, it has designed cloud tools to improve productivity, efficiency, and visibility on college campuses.

With Oracle Cloud HCM, students can access user-friendly experiences that make campus life easier. This gives them the flexibility to manage their timetables efficiently.

Oracle is devoted to providing universities with cloud tech to support remote learning and working. In today’s world, distance learning is increasing. Oracle’s cloud solutions equip institutions to adapt quickly. Thus, students can carry on with their studies, despite physical challenges. Oracle’s cloud technology also offers insights into student data management systems. This allows educators to monitor performance metrics accurately.

What makes Oracle distinct from other tech companies is its commitment to aiding institutions and increasing students’ success. It works closely with institutions to build strategies tailored to their specific needs. This brings the best outcomes for both teachers and students.

Additionally, Oracle has a great track record in tech innovation. It continuously provides customer feedback-driven updates. This enables it to keep pace with the newest trends in tech and provide better solutions to clients all over the world. By empowering students’ success with Oracle’s cloud solutions, institutions can offer transformative learning experiences that improve the lives of students and educators.

Overview of Oracle Cloud HCM for HR

Oracle HCM Cloud is a human resources management solution that provides HR professionals with advanced tools to manage their workforce more efficiently. In this section, we will provide an overview of Oracle Cloud HCM for HR, highlighting its benefits and features in three key areas: workforce visibility, flexibility, and user experience.

Workforce visibility with Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM offers great workforce visibility, with plenty of features to support employee lifecycle management, streamline HR processes and stimulate business transformation. This article dives into Workforce Visibility with Oracle Cloud HCM, emphasizing how various tools can manage an organization’s team efficiently.

Oracle Cloud HCM presents lots of tools to handle an organization’s workforce fruitfully. See below for an overview of these tools and their functionalities:

Workforce ModelingAnalyze organizational demands, forecast labor supply and detect potential gaps
Talent ReviewGet insights into employees’ performance to back succession planning and career development
Succession PlanningManage talent pool readiness to guarantee smooth leadership and key position transitions
Compliance MetricsKeep compliance with regulations for employment practices such as diversity and equal opportunity policies
Global HR ComplianceEnsure regulatory compliance across multiple countries

Moreover, Oracle Cloud HCM offers real-time analytics dashboards. For example, team managers can quickly view their personnel’s workload and time-off requests.

On top of that, businesses can automate their regular HR tasks with Oracle Cloud HCM, lessening HR personnel’s manual workload and increasing efficacy. Such automation aids compliance with policies and lets organizations follow recognition programs to inspire employees.

In addition, the platform’s superior analytics algorithms enable organizations to make data-driven decisions. It combines job competencies assessments data with business objectives to provide useful insights.

All in all, Oracle Cloud HCM’s workforce visibility capabilities offer significant value to organizations looking for more efficient HR function management. It automates regular tasks while offering detailed workforce management insights to boost overall business performance.

Flexibility with Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM is a top-of-the-line solution that provides immense flexibility to organizations. It offers comprehensive HR solutions, effective talent management tools, and other functionalities. With automatic workflow processes, stakeholders can stay connected through one platform. Highly secure authentication mechanisms allow stakeholders to access data regardless of location or time zone.

Different levels of hierarchy have access to customized dashboards. These give insights into specific areas and let users customize their views. With Oracle Cloud HCM, companies can expand or revamp their offerings without worrying about infrastructure updates. This modern HR solution can keep up with ever-changing business needs while optimizing resources and identifying recruitment needs.

In short, Oracle Cloud HCM’s flexibility makes it an attractive option for companies looking for a modern HR solution that can keep up with evolving business needs while leveraging existing resources effectively.

Intuitive experiences with Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM is a platform that offers great experiences for HR professionals to manage their workforce with ease. Customize workflows to meet specific HR needs and offer users a more personalized experience. Real-time insights into workforce data through interactive dashboards and reports are a key feature. Quickly identify trends and patterns with visualizations to make informed decisions.

The platform’s responsive design is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It also features intuitive self-service tools for employees to manage personal information and benefits packages. This enhances user experience and simplifies tasks.

Recently, a university implemented Oracle Cloud HCM as part of its digital transformation strategy. Staff have fast access to data and streamline processes such as employee hiring and scheduling shifts. Automate approvals based on wage rates to comply with local laws and save significant time from manual tasks.

Why Tech Educators Should Know About Oracle HCM Cloud is a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their knowledge of innovative technology in higher education. Oracle values customer feedback to drive updates and ensure continued intuitive experiences with Oracle Cloud HCM.

Oracle’s record of innovation and customer feedback-driven updates

Oracle HCM Cloud is an advanced technology solution for human resource management. It is designed to leverage the latest technology innovations and offer a comprehensive platform for tech educators globally. This section will explore the innovative features of Oracle HCM Cloud and highlight the role of customer feedback in shaping its evolution.

Oracle’s innovation in technology

Oracle is a leader in tech innovation. They invest in R&D to provide cutting-edge solutions. An example: their cloud solutions for finance, HR, and student data management. These earned them a ‘Leader‘ position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. They offer an integrated platform for schools to streamline operations and boost productivity. Oracle also seeks customer feedback to upgrade their software.

Oracle is a great partner for institutions looking to advance technologically. Their feature-rich software, along with customer satisfaction, makes them an indispensable ally. Another area where they innovate is through their HCM software. It provides visibility while making workflows seamless. This gives institutions flexibility when building solutions that meet their unique needs.

Cloud architecture makes Oracle an ideal choice for schools. It allows them to build tailor-made solutions that are scalable for long-term growth. Their customer-centric approach also ensures that their tech offerings are always improving.

Customer feedback-driven updates

Oracle values customer feedback. They listen to what customers suggest and use this to tailor their cloud technology. This helps them stay relevant.

To gain feedback, Oracle surveys customers and uses social media monitoring and analytics. They use this to improve their HCM Cloud solution, which is why tech educators should know about Oracle HCM Cloud.

Oracle follows an agile development methodology, which lets them respond quickly and deliver updates faster than traditional software development cycles. These updates are tested to make sure they are of high quality.

By implementing customer feedback-driven updates, Oracle builds stronger relationships with clients. Clients can trust Oracle to deliver on commitments and promises.

Trusting Oracle to keep promises and help customers deliver on their commitments

Oracle HCM Cloud promises to provide a new standard for HR management in a company. This “Section” explains why tech educators and HR professionals should take note of Oracle’s reputation for delivering on promises and empowering businesses to meet their HR objectives. Oracle has a strong commitment to its customers and is trusted by industry experts.

Oracle’s commitment to its customers

Oracle is devoted to giving its customers the best cloud computing and enterprise software. It demonstrates this by always innovating and updating its offerings, so customers can get the newest features and capabilities. Oracle’s goal is to provide comprehensive services that help institutions streamline their operations and reach their targets.

But their commitment goes further. In addition to tech solutions, they prioritize customer data security and privacy. Their protocols secure customer data from external threats and meet regulatory requirements. Plus, they offer round-the-clock support through various channels.

By partnering with Oracle, organizations get access to high-quality solutions and solid support. They can trust that they have advanced technologies that help them reach their goals and values—all backed by Oracle’s commitment.

Trust in Oracle

Oracle is a tech firm that values trust. They give customers reliable and trustworthy resources. Oracle listens to customer feedback and invests in updates to keep their solutions effective. This helps institutions build trust with stakeholders, like students, employees, and partners.

Plus, Oracle makes strategic partnerships with institutions and offers cloud-based solutions that meet different needs. Oracle Cloud HCM for HR uses real-time data to give streamlined processes that help with visibility and productivity.

Tech educators that partner with Oracle have access to tools specifically for educational use. The experienced team provides support to help educators reach their goals. With Oracle as a dependable partner, educational institutions can create trust and drive success.

Conclusion on why tech educators should know about Oracle HCM Cloud

Tech educators should be aware of Oracle HCM Cloud as it is a top-notch Human Capital Management solution. It can unify HR processes, talent management, and workforce management, leading to great advantages.

Oracle HCM Cloud enables educators to simplify HR operations such as recruitment with customizable hiring processes, efficient workflows, and applicant tracking. They can also manage employee performance, attendance, and tailor development and training programs.

Plus, Oracle HCM Cloud integrates with other Oracle Cloud services such as ERP, CX, and SCM systems. This creates a complete cloud-based system for managing end-to-end business processes. By using this technology, tech educators can give cutting-edge cloud-based HR solutions to their students. This will help them to be ready for the most attractive HR industry positions.

Five Facts About Why Tech Educators Should Know About Oracle HCM Cloud:

  • ✅ Oracle HCM Cloud is a solution for HR that provides workforce visibility, flexibility, and intuitive experiences. (Source: https://www.oracle.com/human-capital-management/move-to-cloud/)
  • ✅ The use of cloud technology in education, particularly in finance, human resources, planning, and student management and engagement, can increase productivity, improve efficiency, and provide new insights. (Source: https://www.oracle.com/corporate/blogs/oracle-cloud-in-education-080219.html)
  • ✅ Higher education institutions such as Baylor University, The University of Pittsburgh, and the University of California San Diego have selected Oracle HCM Cloud to modernize and manage finance, HR, and student data, improving efficiency and organizational insights. (Source: https://www.oracle.com/industries/government/education/higher-education/)
  • ✅ Leading higher education institutions are turning to Oracle Cloud to adapt to changes caused by remote learning and working, and are using Oracle Cloud to simplify business processes, maximize resources, and better support students and staff. (Source: https://www.oracle.com/news/announcement/oracle-cloud-helps-schools-embrace-next-era-of-education-2022-01-19/)
  • ✅ Oracle has a record of hitting 98% of roadmap commitments and 80% of product updates come from customer feedback, making them a trusted HCM innovation partner. (Source: https://www.oracle.com/a/ocom/docs/applications/human-capital-management/top10reasons-hcm-cloud-ebook.pdf)

FAQs about Why Tech Educators Should Know About Oracle Hcm Cloud

What is Oracle HCM Cloud?

Oracle HCM Cloud is a solution for HR that provides workforce visibility, flexibility, and intuitive experiences. It helps businesses quickly adapt to change and digitize processes to improve efficiency and deliver innovation.

What is Oracle’s goal for technology in education?

Oracle aims to help institutions build a technological strategy to empower their mission and students’ success. They provide solutions that help schools improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and maintain the quality of educational offerings. K-12 school systems and leading higher education institutions are turning to Oracle Cloud to simplify business processes and better manage and support students and staff.

What Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Solutions are available for education institutions?

Education institutions can implement a range of Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Solutions, including Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

Which schools are using Oracle Cloud for Higher Education?

Leading higher education institutions such as Bowie State University, Butler Community College, Coppin State University, Skidmore College, University of Pittsburgh, and Allegheny Intermediate Unit in Homestead, Pennsylvania are using Oracle Cloud to simplify business processes, maximize resources, and better support students and staff. Oracle Cloud helps schools improve efficiencies and reduce costs while maintaining the quality of educational offerings.

Is Oracle a trusted HCM innovation partner?

Oracle is a trusted HCM innovation partner with a record of hitting 98% of roadmap commitments and delivering product updates based on 80% customer feedback. Customers can trust Oracle to keep their promises and help them deliver on their commitments to their own customers.