Use Flexera for Oracle SAM?

What is Flexera?

Flexera is a company that provides software asset management solutions that aim to help organizations:

  • Optimize their software spending
  • Improve their compliance posture

One of these solutions is the Flexera Oracle License Management, which helps businesses:

  • Manage their Oracle licenses
  • Ensure compliance with Oracle’s complex licensing rules

Some benefits of using Flexera’s Oracle License Management solution include:

  • Complete view of an organization’s Oracle estate through software inventory and usage data collection
  • Analysis and reporting tools to understand Oracle usage patterns and optimize licensing
  • Ability to automate tasks related to license tracking, reporting, and deployment
  • Verification by Oracle through the Third Party Verification (TPV) Tool Program

This solution can help businesses:

  • Save money on Oracle licenses by identifying underutilized or unnecessary licenses
  • Save time and resources by automating tasks
  • Reduce risk of errors and compliance issues

However, there are potential drawbacks to consider, such as costs, implementation and integration efforts, user adoption challenges, data accuracy, and ongoing maintenance.

Oracle verified tool

The Oracle Third Party Verification (TPV) Tool Program is a program that enables third-party vendors to verify the accuracy and completeness of their software asset management solutions for managing Oracle licenses. This program aims to ensure that organizations using these solutions can accurately track and manage their Oracle licenses and comply with Oracle’s licensing rules. In order to participate in the TPV Tool Program, vendors must submit their solutions to Oracle for testing and verification. If the solution meets the program’s requirements, it will be granted TPV status, indicating that it has been verified by Oracle. Flexera is currently verified by Oracle for the following products: Oracle Database and options, Oracle Middleware products, and Oracle Java.

Obtaining verification from Oracle through the TPV Tool Program means that the tool vendor will be provided with Oracle audit scripts. These scripts are identical to those used by Oracle and can only assist in an Oracle audit if the vendor is using a verified Oracle tool and has already run the scripts.

Flexera Caution

Flexera’s Oracle License Management solution, like any software solution, may have potential drawbacks that organizations should consider. These may include:

  • Cost: Flexera’s solution is a paid service that some organizations may not be able to afford
  • Implementation and integration: The process of integrating Flexera’s solution into an organization’s existing IT systems and processes may be time-consuming and require significant resources
  • User adoption: It may be challenging to get users to adopt a new, complex software solution like Flexera’s Oracle License Management, and it may take time for them to become familiar with it
  • Data accuracy: The accuracy of the reports and analysis produced by Flexera’s solution depends on the quality and completeness of the data inputted into the system
  • Ongoing maintenance: Flexera’s solution requires ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure its proper functioning and to meet the organization’s needs, which may require an ongoing investment of time and resources
  • Complexity: The solution is designed to address the complex and constantly changing licensing rules of Oracle, which may make it difficult to use and manage for some organizations

If you need expert assistance with Oracle and Flexera for your Oracle license management, we are available to help you configure Flexera and verify its accuracy in measuring your Oracle installations.