Cloud Optimization Services:

  • AWS Cloud Optimization: Maximize performance and cost-efficiency on Amazon Web Services.
  • Microsoft Cloud Optimization: Optimize your cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure for enhanced operations.
  • Google Cloud Optimization: Streamline and optimize your Google Cloud Platform for optimal performance.
  • Oracle Cloud Optimization: Fine-tune your Oracle Cloud environment to unlock its full potential.

Licensing and Advisory Services:

  • Microsoft Licensing and Advisory: Get comprehensive licensing solutions and expert advice for Microsoft products.
  • IBM Licensing and Advisory: Navigate licensing complexities and receive tailored guidance for IBM solutions.
  • Oracle Licensing and Advisory: Ensure compliance and maximize value from Oracle software with our expertise.
  • SAP Licensing and Advisory: Simplify licensing management and optimize SAP software deployments.
  • Other Licensing and Advisory: We provide licensing and advisory services for various software vendors to meet your specific needs.

Implementation Services:

  • ERP Implementation: Expert implementation services for major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
  • HCM Implementation: Streamline Human Capital Management (HCM) implementation for improved HR processes.
  • CRM Implementation: Implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for enhanced customer engagement.
  • SCM Implementation: Optimize Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes with our implementation expertise.
  • Implementation for Other Major Systems: We offer implementation services for a wide range of software systems, tailoring the process to your specific requirements.

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Leading Consultants in their field.

Committed to over-delivering in all of our consulting engagements.

Global reach our team is able to help clients worldwide.

Leaders in their field, public speakers, and authors.


Oracle Licensing Services, including audits, ULA, third-party support, and advisory.

Microsoft licensing and renewal services, for EA agreements, Azure optimization, O365, and audits.

Cloud optimization for AWS, Google, Azure and OCI.

Implementing SAP, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Netsuite, Workday, and more.

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