Oracle RAC Licensing – Introduction

What is Oracle RAC?

Oracle RAC license is frequently owned by Oracle customers. Oracle RAC, or Real Application Clusters, is an add-on license for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition that allows multiple computers to run Oracle software simultaneously while accessing a single database. This enables the database to be distributed across multiple computers, providing scalability and high availability. In the event that one node fails, the other nodes can continue processing requests, ensuring the database remains available.

Oracle RAC offers several benefits, including:

  • High availability: Multiple computers running the database ensure availability even if one node fails.
  • Scalability: The database can be distributed across multiple computers, improving performance and scalability.
  • Load balancing: Database requests can be automatically distributed across multiple nodes for improved overall performance.
  • Improved performance: Multiple nodes processing requests simultaneously can improve database performance.
  • Ease of management: A single point of control simplifies administration and maintenance.
  • Cost savings: Multiple computers sharing a single database can reduce hardware and software costs.
  • Flexibility: Oracle RAC can be used in various environments and with different operating systems and hardware platforms.

Oracle RAC License & Pricing

Oracle RAC can be licensed by either a processor license or a named user plus license. The cost for a processor license is $23,000, while the cost for a named user plus license is $460 per named user, with a minimum requirement of 25 user licenses. If you need help understanding Oracle license costs or ensuring compliance, our team can assist you. Please contact us for more information.