Oracle IAS Licensing and Pricing

What is Oracle IAS?

Oracle Internet Application Server (IAS) is a robust middleware platform designed to support the creation, deployment, and management of internet applications. It is a central component of Oracle’s Fusion Middleware offering and provides numerous benefits for organizations that aim to build and deploy web-based applications.

The Benefits of Oracle IAS

One of the key benefits of Oracle IAS is its versatility. It supports a wide variety of application architectures, including Java EE, .NET, and PHP, and can be utilized for various application types, such as web-based applications, mobile apps, and microservices. This versatility makes it a perfect platform for organizations looking to build and deploy applications tailored to meet their specific needs.

In addition to its versatility, Oracle IAS also offers a host of tools and features that make it easier for organizations to build and deploy internet applications. For instance, it includes development tools like Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Visual Builder, which can help organizations build and deploy applications more efficiently. Additionally, it includes features like Oracle WebLogic Server, which ensure that applications are scalable, reliable, and secure.

Another significant benefit of Oracle IAS is its integration with other Oracle products. It is designed to work seamlessly with other Oracle products, such as Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware, making it easier for organizations to build and deploy applications that take advantage of these products. This can help reduce the time and effort required to build and deploy applications and improve their performance and scalability.

Oracle IAS cost

As a comprehensive middleware platform, it includes a wide range of tools and features, which makes it more expensive than other options. Additionally, it may require a significant investment in terms of time and resources to implement and maintain, which may be a concern for some organizations.

Oracle IAS Licensing

Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition Licensing Options
The licensing options for Oracle IAS Enterprise Edition include the Processor metric, where the number of cores is counted and multiplied by the Oracle core factor table, and Named User Plus, where a minimum of 10 users must be licensed per processor license.

The cost of a Processor license is $35,000 in license fees, and the Named User Plus license costs $700 in license fees.

Common Reasons for Being Non-Compliant with Your IAS License

Some common reasons for being non-compliant with your IAS license include upgrading IAS and needing a WebLogic license, misunderstanding Oracle licensing rules and policies, and deploying IAS on VMware.
How to Ensure Compliance with Oracle IAS Licenses

We recommend using Oracle LMS Audit scripts to measure your compliance and to assist with reviewing licensing. We can help you ensure compliance with your Oracle IAS licenses.