Microsoft Viva Licensing Explained

Microsoft Viva Licensing Explained

There are many questions surrounding Microsoft Viva licensing, including: Is it free? Does it come with Office 365 or E5? And how do I get a Viva insights license? Read on to find out. We’ve answered these questions and more. If you’re looking for Microsoft Viva licensing information, read on. We’ve also answered the most common questions about Microsoft Viva licensing, including its free and paid versions.

Is Microsoft Viva free?

The new employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, has recently been introduced. It is built on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint and aims to create an employee experience that empowers organizations to drive business results through an engaged workforce and inspiring leadership. The platform features 4 modules that support various employee needs. This blog post will discuss the features of Viva and compare it to the Involv intranet. Microsoft Viva pricing is covered in the next paragraph.

As of now, the Viva Suite is free for employees with Microsoft 365 subscriptions. It does not require any premium licenses but does require SharePoint Online licenses. It is expected to be available by the first half of 2021. Another upcoming feature is Microsoft Viva Insights, which is not entirely free. Viva Insights is a mixture of Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Microsoft BI. The latter aims to improve personal experience for remote workers while the former aims to enhance data for BI reports.

The platform features a topic dashboard that collects information on a topic. This topic dashboard is integrated with Microsoft Teams and Yammer communities. Using the Microsoft Graph, it indexes external information. Microsoft is currently shipping an enhancement that supports remote content indexing. Third-party connectors will be compatible with Viva Topics dashboard. However, there is a free version of Viva Topics for teams.

Is Viva included in Office 365?

As of September 1, Microsoft Viva licensing will cost $4 per user per month and be included in the price of Office 365 and Commercial Volume Licensing Programs. This add-on suite also includes a Microsoft Viva Connectors suite and 500 indexed items per user pooled across all tenants. The suite is generally available as an add-on to Office 365 Commercial and Education plans. The standalone SharePoint plans are not included in the scope.

Organizations can use Microsoft Viva Learning to empower their employees and encourage a culture of growth. The platform provides tools to track content, recommend content, and encourage an environment where employees are encouraged to continually improve their skills. With a centralized learning platform, employees can access all their learning materials in one place and share them with colleagues. Microsoft Viva is a cost-effective solution for enhancing employee engagement and productivity. The solution is integrated with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Teams, making it easy for employees to access, use, and share information with each other.

Designed for enterprise use, Microsoft Viva offers a collaborative, integrated employee experience that supports remote and hybrid work environments. Its collaboration and social capabilities enable employees to share information across teams, and navigate the challenges of working remotely. Its user-friendly interface lets staff interact with one another, collaborate with other users, and create new ideas. The platform can also help them improve their performance and boost their morale.

Is Microsoft Viva included in E5?

Using Microsoft Viva Learning, you can customize content, organize conversations, and access tools from one place. The intelligent tools help you organize content from multiple sources, such as third-party learning content or custom-built resources. The system is designed to make learning relevant, personalize the experience, and close the skills gap. It uses analytics to provide you with insights and recommend learning opportunities to enhance employee performance.

Viva Topics is based on Microsoft Graph. It uses a system of content connectors to index external information. Microsoft is shipping an enhancement to remote content indexing, expected to be available by the end of the calendar year. Additionally, Viva Topics is compatible with third-party connectors. You’ll be able to add and remove connectors as needed. Viva Topics also includes a dashboard and third-party APIs.

Microsoft Viva enables you to create a unified employee experience, and foster a culture of empowerment. The platform consists of four key pillars, including communications, knowledge, and resources. These pillars are delivered via Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps. They combine to create an employee experience that focuses on engagement, learning, and well-being. The Viva suite offers tools to enhance collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement in a hybrid workplace.

How do I get a Viva insights license?

Viva Insights offers privacy-protected insights to managers and business leaders to improve the performance of their teams and companies. The system utilizes workplace analytics and MyAnalytics to gather data and insights about individuals and their behaviors. The software also offers custom analysis tools and recommendations for improvement. Getting a Viva insights license is easy, and you can get started today by downloading the trial version.

Viva Topics is another application, also known as Project Cortex. Currently, you can purchase a user license for five dollars. A trial license is available for up to 25 users and is valid for 30 days. Administrators must be global or billing admins to assign Viva Topics licenses to users. Microsoft Viva includes topics and AI-based Viva Insights.

Viva Connections is available for free, but you may need to purchase a license if you want to use the features of Microsoft Teams. You can also purchase the license separately or as a bundle. The license is necessary for accessing partner content and learn management systems. You can get a Viva Insights license to access advanced insights. For more information, click here.

How much is Viva connection?

The Microsoft Viva connection is a collaboration suite that combines social media, video, and content from various sources into a single platform. Viva Connections are available as an add-on for Microsoft 365 and are free for users of the Microsoft 365 plan. Insights, Learning, and Topics are also included. The premium applications have separate costs and are available for use by all tenants.

A subscription to Microsoft Viva includes four modules. These modules are currently discounted to $9 per user per month. The prices may go up, but the discount is only for a limited time. Microsoft Viva Learning, for example, includes a learning experience platform that uses a single user account. Microsoft Viva Connections, meanwhile, provides a complete system for creating employee portals. Both Viva and Teams are deeply integrated with Workday, which can make them ideal for building employee portals.

Each module comes with its own set of features. Microsoft Viva offers employee communities and resource groups, which are geared toward various work experiences. These modules can be purchased separately or combined for additional cost. Viva Connections is a single entry point for employee engagement and gives employees a place to harness their organizational culture. It is built on SharePoint technology and features company news, resource groups, and communities. Its boost feature helps the most important information surface on the top of the list, making it easier for employees to keep up with the latest news and updates.

What exactly is Microsoft Viva?

With a focus on employee wellbeing and engagement, Microsoft Viva helps higher education institutions create a culture of learning and continuous improvement. The intelligent system surfaces timely content, which helps users learn without interrupting their work. Higher education institutions were hit hard by the recent pandemic, and many were forced to move to a virtual environment, scrambling to upgrade old technology or adopt new ones. The Microsoft Viva Learning module can help institutions foster a culture of wellness, improve staff efficiency, and drive remote collaboration.

In addition to the main platform, Viva connects to existing services, such as SharePoint Online and Yammer communities, allowing users to share information and collaborate on projects. Its social features allow employees to stay connected and aware of the latest news and information from various sources. It also has a learning management system that surfaces relevant content and provides data-driven recommendations. Microsoft Viva provides four modules that can be purchased separately or together.

Using Viva Topics, companies can define specific topics and let the artificial intelligence algorithms retrieve relevant content. With Viva Topics, users can also find related content across Microsoft 365. Microsoft is currently shipping an enhancement for remote content indexing, which will be available by the end of the calendar year. Users can also find third-party connectors for the Viva dashboard. A good example is the Microsoft Teams integration.

Is Microsoft Viva a CRM?

As a unified communications platform, Microsoft Viva has many advantages, but it does not replace a modern intranet. Instead, it brings the intranet experience to Teams, providing a framework for exceptional user experiences. Microsoft Viva is designed to help companies adapt to work-from-home scenarios while offering the advantages of in-house work. In this article, we will discuss four of the most prominent features of Microsoft Viva.

The Microsoft Viva platform has two pricing options: a monthly subscription at $4 per user, or a yearly subscription at $9 per user, or $130 for a company with up to 250 users. The Microsoft Viva Insights module, formerly known as Workplace Analytics, costs $4 per user, with an annual subscription. The Viva Insights feature enables you to assign, create, and manage content to improve the efficiency of your organization’s staff.

In addition to Microsoft 365, Viva is a suite of applications designed to enhance knowledge management across your organization. When used together with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva offers significant ROI. For example, Viva Connect is a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and resources. Microsoft Viva has built-in collaboration features, which make it easy to bring the best of both worlds into the same system.