IBM IASP - Benefit or risk?

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IBM IASP – Benefit or risk?

The IBM IASP program has several benefits and risks for companies that participate. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of IBM’s IASP program and examine the risks of partnering with IBM. After reading this article, you’ll have more insight on whether IBM’s IASP program is right for your organization. Here are the top reasons to partner with IBM. Let’s begin! How Can IBM IASP Benefit You? How Does It Benefit IBM Customers?

What is IBM IASP

The IBM IASP program is an alternative to IBM license management. It operates on an invitation or client request basis and enables enterprises to select one of four authorized SAM partners to manage their IBM software assets. Authorized SAM providers perform audits of software assets, establish reporting processes, and provide optimization services. The providers then submit baseline reports to IBM. The agreement lasts three years. This program enables organizations to save time and money by outsourcing the license compliance verification process.

Which companies are IASP partners

When choosing a vendor for IBM IASP services, it is best to choose a vendor with a proven track record of success. IBM IASP partners are independent third-party vendors that provide license compliance reviews. IASP vendors are often referred to as “authorized third-party vendors” by IBM. This designation means that they have been approved to provide license compliance services on IBM’s behalf. IBM IASP partners are selected from a pool of potential customers.

Among the companies participating in the program are IBM, Converge, and Anglepoint. In addition to participating companies, IASP is a collaborative community of ASPs, vendors, and customers. But there are some things to know about becoming an IASP partner. 

Risks with IASP program

There are some risks associated with the IBM IASP program. The program requires customers to submit quarterly reports and will therefore expose organizations to additional risks. As it is an invitation-only program, not all organizations can benefit from it, especially small and mid-sized ones. There are some benefits as well. First, the IASP program reduces risk of audit. Second, IBM has been more lenient with clients with legacy technology. It is not necessary to upgrade all servers or deploy the software every quarter to get a certificate of compliance.

While IBM and its IASP partners tout the many benefits of the IASP program, there are risks as well. IBM partners have commercial relationships with customers, which may cause them to switch their priorities between customer satisfaction and profitability. Customers should always conduct an independent review of their compliance position, as well as the program’s risks and benefits. While IBM makes an effort to make the IASP program more customer-friendly, many customers should still be wary of regular audits.

Benefits of IASP program

The IASP program is an asset management program that helps IBM customers manage their software assets. This program runs on an invitation or client request basis. Customers are invited to join the program by selecting one of four authorized SAM providers to manage their software assets. Authorized SAM providers will audit IBM software assets and establish reporting processes, assist in optimization, and provide a baseline report to IBM. This program also waives penalties for non-compliance with license agreements.

If the IASP provider has managed to deploy Snow as an ILMT agent, IBM will not charge them a full-capacity maintenance fee. If the customer’s system already has an ILMT agent, the IASP provider will also waive its usual maintenance cost. The IASP program will also help customers comply with software license requirements and reduce the risk of audits. Customers will be able to receive reports regarding S&S declines and increase uptime.

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