Day: June 1, 2022

Microsoft Office Licensing Costs

Microsoft Office Licensing Costs Do you want to know the exact cost of Microsoft office licensing? Do you want to buy it permanently or pay a one-time fee? How can you tell if it’s genuine? Read on to learn more. Microsoft office licensing costs are a common topic of debate. This article explores the costs … Read more

Microsoft Server Licensing Explained

So you’ve bought Windows server, but what’s the deal with Microsoft Server Licensing? Are you required to buy a license? Is it a one-time purchase? And, if so, is it free? Read this article to find out. Then, get up to speed on the different licensing options. You’ll also learn how to avoid wasting money … Read more

Microsoft Licensing Support

If you have any questions about your Microsoft licenses, you may want to contact Microsoft Licensing Support. Whether you’re in need of a licensing quote or have a question about prerequisites, they are here to help you. However, if you have questions about the types of Microsoft licenses, you should first read this article. Here … Read more